About Dhbna

Our goal:

At Dahabna, we aim to create the first database that documents the influences and variables on the price path of gold. We provide accurate analysis based on real economic data, focusing on market impacts, political conditions, central bank policies, investor reactions, and the media. By documenting these variables, we help the reader gain a deeper understanding of market movement and make informed decisions.


The name “Dahabna” begins with the letter “D”, inspired by the Hejazi phrase “Dahab”, which is a common name for the precious metal in the regions of Mecca and Jeddah on the Red Sea coast. The merchants of Hejaz are famous for their extensive culture and sophistication in trade, and these traits are what we aspire to embody in “Dahabna”.


Our logo starts with the letter “D” in Arabic and the letter “D” in English, and both letters share the same shape. The logo is designed to match the shape of the popular alloy and is a registered trademark of our name.

Transparency in the market:

We realize that the market is full of videos and content that may be unproductive, with some people spending 20 minutes making expectations that may not be based on valid foundations. We at Dahabna aim to create balance in the market by providing documented and accurate information. We do not encourage selling or hoarding gold, but rather we want the reader to search, discover, understand, and then make his own decision.

“Dhbna” sections:

Gold blog:

At Gold Blog, we offer a variety of articles covering all aspects of gold and jewelry. Topics include tips on how to invest in gold, how to care for jewelry, polishing and maintenance, as well as topics related to zakat and legal matters related to gold. We aim to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information to meet the needs of all those interested in gold, whether they are investors or jewelry enthusiasts.

Gold price analysis:

On the “Gold Price Analysis” page, we provide daily updates documenting the price of gold and providing a non-binding forecast of gold prices for the next day based on market analysis and press and political data. We are the only platform that links current events with gold price changes at the same moment, enabling readers to benefit from this information to develop an accurate database about the market.

Identity basics:

Credibility: Providing reliable and accurate information and analysis.

Education: Educating the public about gold and jewelry in a comprehensive and diverse manner.

Transparency: Documenting all variables and events that affect gold prices.

Neutrality: Not providing buying or selling advice, but rather providing information to make informed decisions.

Innovation: A distinctive logo design that combines Arabic and English cultures, and reflects the brand’s identity in an innovative way.

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