Image depicting the impact of geopolitical events on the gold market

Gold Price Analysis for June 25, 2024

Current Price:

As of 12:30 PM Riyadh time, gold is trading at $2,324.61 per ounce.


Gold prices are experiencing significant volatility today due to ongoing Middle East tensions, which have increased demand for gold as a safe haven. Conversely, positive US economic data has strengthened the dollar and increased bond yields, pressuring gold prices.

Influencing Factors:

  1. Global Economic Factors:
    • Healthy global economic conditions reduce the demand for gold, while tight monetary policies increase the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding assets like gold.
  2. Geopolitical Events:
    • Geopolitical tensions and political instability support gold prices as a safe haven.
  3. Monetary Policies:
    • The upcoming Federal Reserve meeting on July 30-31, 2024, may significantly impact prices based on decisions regarding interest rates and other monetary policies.


Market expectations suggest gold will continue moving within a narrow range of $2285 to $2450 per ounce in the coming months. Analysts recommend monitoring the key support level at $2311.


Analysts advise regularly monitoring economic and geopolitical news to assess their impact on gold prices, as any unexpected developments could lead to significant market movements.

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